Products ordered from Monday to Friday until 14:30 can be sent the same day but only when products are available on stock and payment is cleared on our bank account or is performed by PayPal. We offer fast DHL and DPD delivery. ARTONERY reserves the right to choose itself shipping company. We deliver goods within Poland to listed EU countries and we can also ship the consignment to the farthest corners of the world. The cost of delivery to EU countries is listed. Worldwide is quoted with individual proces. The customer can arrange pick-up for ordered goods only for shipping within the EU countries and if the price on the invoice include 23% tax rate. In the case of 0% tax on invoice - shipping only by ARTONERY's forwarders.

§ 7.1. Parcel dimensions
The listed shipping costs are valid for shipment consisting of 1 parcel up to 30 kg, dimensions: 60 cm / 50 cm / 50 cm and sum of circuit and the longest side can’t be bigger than 3 meters. We deliver in above mentioned packaging with ARTONERY company tapes. Any special packaging requested by Customer is subject to additional charges.

§ 7.2. Shipping cost on invoice
ARTONERY places shipping cost on invoice.

Country Shipping cost Delivery time
Austria €18,00 3-4 days
Belgium €18,00 3-4 days
Bulgaria €19,00 4-5 days
Czeh Republic €18,00 2-3 days
Denmark €18,00 3-4 days
Estonia €18,00 3-4 days
Finland €19,00 4-5 days
France €19,00 3-4 days
Germany €18,00 2-3 days
Greece €26,00 4-5 days
Hungary €18,00 3-4 days
Ireland €26,00 4-5 days
Italy €26,00 4-5 days
Latvia €18,00 2-3 days
Lithuania €18,00 2-3 days
Luxembourg €18,00 3-4 days
Nethrelands €18,00 3-4 days
Portugal €26,00 4-5 days
Romania €19,00 4-5 days
Slovakia €18,00 2-3 days
Slovenia €19,00 4-5 days
Spain €26,00 4-5 days
Sweden €19,00 3-4 days
United Kingdom €19,00 3-4 days

§ 7.3. Contact with forwarder

After sending parcel Customer receives e-mail information about shipping with tracking number. Status of the parcel can be checked on DHL, DPD or UPS website.


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