To avoid misunderstanding in ARTONERY all product complaints are kindly request to be agreed via e-mail prior to return.

§ 10.1. Complaint rules
Basis for complaint because of „warranty for defects” is completed form sent to ARTONERY with control prints confirming product defects (description about defect should be included on form in heading called „description of the cause of the complaint). Customer is kindly requested to send the form by e-mail on After ARTONERY receives complaint form Customer will receive confirmation of complaint beginning. Then Customer can send back resepective products. All complained products should be packed carefully, safely and properly (not only loose in box). Customer is kindly asked also to put on box label „complaint” and send goods in original box. Customer can make complaint because above causes up to 2 months from goos purchase date. Complaints will be considered approx. within 14 days after receiving goods but may be extend for reason beyond our control.

§ 10.2. PCU & Imaging Units products complaints
Special case of complaint is PCU and drum units return. In this case claims can only be accepted for maximum of remaining operating life but no higher than 75 % of the original operating life. All of those complaints must have attached print copies and parameter list.

§ 10.3. Realization of complaints
Complaint will be considered approx. within 14 days after receiving goods and ARTONERY should do all the obligations under the complaint. If the whole procedure is preserved complaint process is began. Reported complaint receives identification number. Processing time can be changed independently of ARTONERY, if the goods have been delivered without complete documentation. If complaint is justified (products defect is without Customer fault) ARTONERY will pay back cost of purchased goods on customer's bank account. The relevant cost is returned after credit note is signed.


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