How to search?

How to search?

How to create an account?

To create an account in our shop, please click on link “create an account” or click on button in the upper right corner “log in” (and then “create an account”). Then complete required fields: name, surname, e-mail (and if You have company – please also complete company name and tax identification number). Also please also complete password to Your account – according to Your choice. Registration as a client is very comfortable. Customer has assurance that this order will be executed quickly, faster than e-mail or phone's orders. | How to create an account?

How to search? gives you many possibilities to search and sort goods by appropriate parameter. Customer can search products by several ways: by model, by type, by category, by brand, and also in classical advanced way. Depending on searching way, at various stages, you receive different results, f.ex. | How to search?

How to buy?

If you decided to buy concrete product, please put it in your shopping cart. The product can be added to the shopping cart in 2 ways: from home page – from list of products, typing given quantity of ordered products, f.ex. | How to buy? or from detail products cart After adding to your shopping cart, the products can be seen in the upper right of the page by clicking | How to buy?

How to make an order?

If You decided to buy concrete product which is in shopping cart, please end order process.
Please click “view cart” in the right corner. | How to make an order? In shopping cart you can modify, continue or end ordering. If in the shopping cart you have all products which You wanted to order – You can end process of completing shopping cart and go to the next steps by following instruction: | How to make an order? After clicking „proceed to checkout” You will receive 5 necessary steps to end order:

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