ARTONERY uses information about product prices on the website Product’s prices are given on-line in euro as 2 prices: net price (without VAT) and also as gross price (with VAT - price in bold) and concern single products (pcs., bot.) or products in package (pkg., set, ). Prices don’t include cost of shipping.

All prices on our invoice are in euro and include VAT tax – with the current 23% VAT Polish rate. In the case of a transaction with a foreign country being a EU member to achieve a 0% rate on the invoice, Customer is required to send us European VAT Identification Number – then we’ll check it and assign suitable prices. Customers which are not EU members can get net price but before confirming net price with 0% rate we need Company Statement Document (document which is quoted for all taxation purposes where have you full company name and address is stated) and Certificate of Company Registration. We work with retail clients and we also offer product for further resale for wholesale customers.

Price is valid only for products which are available while ordering. In case product is out of stock ARTONERY has the right to change price which is sattled according to availability and loading time offered by our supplier.

Products with status “Price subject to change” have only initial information and the price should be re-confirmed after customer’s inquiry by ARTONERY. In 90% the prce is correct but if the price happens to change Customer should confirm the price that is offered to him by e-mail or by phone. Final price is the one only after Customer’s conformation and acceptance. after the order. If Customer does not agree with new price, order specification is cancelled. ARTONERY has the right to add and to remove without any prior notice some products from our trade offer or to modify prices and availability of the products.

ARTONERY offers promotional products with “SUPER PRICE”. These products could have broken packaging or package in old design. Those products are 100% new products and haven’t been used, they also have 2 months guarantee from purchasing date. SUPER PRICE products could be in another compatible versions of another manufacturer e.g. from one product’s family Ricoh, NRG, Infotec, Lanier, Savin according to current stock level.


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