How to print from a Chromebook

Many Chromebook users are confused about its printing options. Some even think Chrome OS does not support printing at all; people are confused because clicking the print button brings up (when the printer is not properly set up, as we are about to explain) a dialogue box asking whether they’d like to save a PDF version of the document they were trying to print. Others are confused since Chrome OS does not offer the option of connecting a printer device via USB port. However, it is possible to print from a Chromebook, and it is not that complicated.


To begin you will need to go through the Cloud Print process for the printer devices you want to print with. This will be easier if your printer is a cloud-enabled one, but it can be done even with older printers connected to the Chromebook via USB. Making your printer Cloud Print Ready is actually quite simple; Google has set up the Google Cloud Print website (, where you can set up your printer based on its brand and model. Bear in mind that you’re going to need a Google account and use Google Chrome browser. If you’re still using Windows XP, install the Microsoft XML Paper Specification Pack first.

If your printer is connected to another Linux, Windows or Mac computer, the process of setting up cloud printing options from that computer is the same – just follow the instructions presented on the above-mentioned website. Have in mind that you use the same Google account for your Chromebook and the computer to which the printer is connected – or share the printer with Google account you plan to use on the Chromebook.

After you have connected your printer to Cloud Print, you are set and ready to print from the Chromebook. You can do it by either selecting File and then Print in the menu bar, or using the keyboard shortcut – Ctrl + P. A dialogue box will appear; don’t click on Save, but on the small link in the bottom of the screen – the one beginning with “Print with Google Cloud Print”. Or you can open the Cloud Print dialogue directly by pressing Ctrl + Shift + P. This will bring up the list of available printers. Simply click on the printer you wish to use, choose the printing settings as you see fit and click on Print and – voila! – The physical copy of the document you wanted do print will be done in no time. Once you connect your printer to Cloud Print, you’ll be able to print to it from all of your web-connected devices, such as phones and tablets.

Printing to your cloud-enabled printing is practically the same as printing to any other printer; the major difference is that it tends to be a few seconds (or even minutes) slower, depending on your Internet connection. This is because you are actually printing over the Internet and not directly to the device. Do not worry, though, most documents will be ready to print in matter of seconds unless they contain some heavy high definition images or such.


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