• How to Bring an Offline Printer Online

    If Windows can’t recognize your printer, that is most likely because it is unable to communicate with the device. This can be because of several reasons and the first step in finding the solution is pinpointing the problem. Let’s take a look at some simple ways to bring your printer back online.

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  • How to print from a Chromebook

    Many Chromebook users are confused about its printing options. Some even think Chrome OS does not support printing at all; people are confused because clicking the print button brings up (when the printer is not properly set up, as we are about to explain) a dialogue box asking whether they’d like to save a PDF version of the document they were trying to print. Others are confused since Chrome OS does not offer the option of connecting a printer device via USB port. However, it is possible to print from a Chromebook, and it is not that complicated.

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  • Setting Printing Policies & Procedures

    Why are policies and procedures for printing important?

    Setting up printing policies and procedures might seem like a bit like hairsplitting, but it has many advantages. First, businesses nowadays set up various procedures for just about anything, as it simplifies how things are done at the office and helps that everything runs smoothly. Establishing rules and policies will eliminate any possible issues and uncertainties with your staff or even your clients. Setting up guidelines and expectations will make your office more functional and your staff will always know what to do in a situation.

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  • Should My Business Go Paperless?

    The iconic image of a paper littered office desk is quickly becoming a thing of the past in thousands of businesses around the globe. More and more companies switch to paperless systems, which helps protect the environment, saves costs and increases work efficiency. Although running a paperless office needs getting used to, those who already made the shift have already discovered a plethora of benefits. If you are thinking about going doing the same, here are a few biggest advantages of having a paperless office.

    Paperless office desk Paperless office desk

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  • Is Document Shredding Eco-Friendly?

    Shredding paper is a popular practice in virtually all offices; shredding your documents will relieve you and your clients of all worries related to protecting sensitive information - you do not want any sensitive data about you or your customers to reach the unwanted eye. Continue reading

  • All the best in NEW YEAR 2015!

    May every day of 2015 New Year brings You good business surprises that fills Your life with happiness. Lots of health and prosperity.
    Happy New Year for all our customers!


  • Would It Be Better To Rent Or Buy Your Copier?

    Every business needs a copier; most need several, to be honest. Today, multifunctional copiers can print, fax, copy and scan; it’s easy to see why office life just couldn’t work without them. There are two ways you can supply your office with copiers – you either buy them or lease them. Both have their pros and cons, which will be discussed in the following text.

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  • How does a copier work?

    You’ve probably used a photocopier lots of times; chances are you’re using it every day at your office. Perhaps you know a bit about various models, differences between various manufacturers or all the newest copier software developments, but do you know how the copier unit actually works? It’s a simple yet delicate and effective process that you might want to know about.

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  • BUYING COPIER: a new or used one?

    Most businesses face several dilemmas when purchasing photocopiers. Which model will be the best for us? Will it fit our needs? How much will it cost per page? Should we lease or buy? And finally – should we buy new units or used ones? A lot of people choose to purchase new copiers without really considering their choice; this article aims to summarize both pros and cons of each option. Continue reading

  • The Truth About Copier Hard Drives. Tips For Securing Your Data!

    Four years ago the American news network CBS launched a story titled ‘Digital Photocopiers Loaded with Secrets’. The journalist who reported on the story, CBS News’ chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian, claimed that every digital copier or an MFP had a hard drive which stored an image of every document which was ever scanned, copied or mailed by that specific MFP unit. This security leak could potentially lead to information thefts worth millions of dollars or endanger privacy of thousands of individuals, leading to other various wrongdoings. Continue reading

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